Tuesday, 6 October 2009

David Loftus Photography - What of the Subject?


I am not particularly passionate about photography, nor am I at all talented in the field. I know very little about it, other than what I do and do not like. There is obviously so much more to it and I am curious as to why people, who are well-informed on the subject, have their preferences and what counts. Obviously it is personal, much drawing and painting, but how does a photographer make a name for himself taking snaps of food?!

Because David Loftus has. Yes, he has taken many different genres (some examples above) but predominantly, it is his career as a food photographer that made his name. He has worked alongside Jamie Oliver for a few years now and it has been said that he makes "still life works of art, where the food is just begging to be picked off the page and eaten." Quite a compliment, I would say. And a true comment, I would add too, having looked at his work on his website (two tasty samples above). So basically, alongside magnificent photos of moments captured in the wild, enormous views or portraits, can pictures of lunch be the business?

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