Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Yves Klein

The average steps taken to produce a piece of art...

I saw a post on somebody's Blogpage about this artist, Yves Klein and I had to check him out for myself. His style, although I have never envisaged them together, combines two aspects of my favourite styles of Art and the results are as I would have hoped had I pondered them...stunning! Having blogged furiously about my love for Life Drawing, as well as discussing my admiration for the work of Jasper Johns and Jackson Pollock, Yves Klein's style has provided me with a perfect conclusion as my blog comes towards an end. I said in a comment I made on the post where I saw his work that it reminded me of "Mardi Gras meets Howard Hodgkin"! I havn't spoken about Hodgkin but I love his attitude to his canvas, so carefree and wild, yet the outcome seems structured and well thought out. Klein has the same grasp but instead of brushes or tin cans he uses naked women. It is odd, it is extraordinary, it is fun, it produces great results...it is great art. As I have stated before, I have always seen myself as a fairly traditional reviewer of art. I think it is just paint that I get a bit carried away with!

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