Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Is Banksy Getting Old?

I saw my first Banksy the other day, at least I think I did. It was in Oxford City Centre and I know he has marauded around there before now to "decorate" the city streets. Obviously there are hundreds of copies and it is almost impossible to tell the difference if they are done well, but I just had a feeling that this one was genuine. It was a member of the 'Rat' collection and it was in a location that I am sure Banksy would have chosen. I don't think he would have missed this one, nor do I think a fraud would have discovered it instead. I could just visualise the hooded Banksy crouched down, casually making his mark down this crooked little alleyway. It wasn't hard to spot at all but you had to be lucky to see it. It was at an awkward angle to the direction people would be walking but clearly visible to anyone who takes a glance in the general direction.

I do like alot of his work and find some of it fascinating and amusing but recently I have met more critics than fans. I am beginning to think people are getting bored of Banksy's style and that maybe he is starting to feature more under the label of 'VANDALIZER' than "GRAFFITI ARTIST'? Does he need to step up his game and break another huge boundary, like his paintings on the Palestine/Israel Border Wall (below).

The question is...has Banksy got old?

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  1. In my opinion, I actually don't think he has! Whether thats because I only really paid attention to his work recently after reading a book about world graffiti artists or not, I don't know, but I think that as long as he continues to surprise people like he surprised you with the rat, and consequently inspired you to blog about it, I don't think he could be considered old!